About us

Unleashing Creativity

We have always known the transformational power of the UK’s creative and digital industries’ as one of the key economic drivers for the country. Secretary of State for Culture, Sport and Digital Matt Hancock stated the “The UK’s future will be built at the nexus of our artistic and cultural creativity and our technical brilliance” in the newly published “Culture is Digital” DCMS report.   

How can we maximise this new emergent market – quite simply we need new ideas and new approaches, new networks and new models. But ultimately, there has to be a dynamic, creative and commercial mind-set, in short, a desire to be extraordinary

How Does It Work

The Extraordinary Club is a company committed to the growth of the creative industries, designed to propel and challenge SMEs to be ambitious and broad in outlook. Founded by 2 female business leaders whose personal purpose is to “give back” to the new wave of mavericks and mavens, with over 20 years award winning roles in high profile International corporates such as Nintendo, Universal Pictures, HSBC and Santander and hundreds of creative and digital SMEs, providing a much needed International, bigger picture dynamism and outlook.

A Unique Club To Grow Your Business

We’ve brought our little black books and our 20 year leadership career experiences back to the region and our books are bursting with global brands, creative pioneers, immersive technologists, academics and inventors of the future. From International business leaders to cutting edge AI and big data experts and everything in between, The Extraordinary Club is a unique collective and community which is all about reciprocity and supporting the growth of our unique talent. The founding members from major organisations such as Lego, Accenture and Barclays will create commercial and innovation opportunities for SME's.

We provide a deep rooted understanding of the challenges that creative and digital SMEs face to grow their business and provide bespoke solutions across business growth, marketing, sales, access to finance, PR, social media and draw in our network to provide specialist consultancy across all areas of creative and tech – UX, AI, VR, film-making, games design, immersive tech, big data, web and app development to name but a few.